What Hypnosis Is and What It Is Not

What Is Hypnosis?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy, how it works, and what it can and can’t do. Creepy movies depicting deranged “hypnotists’ and even stage hypnotist who seemingly make people quack like a duck, certainly don’t clarify the mat

If you’re interested in hypnotherapy, you need to know the facts about hypnosis so that you can make an informed decision. As a Certified Hypnotherapist with a wide range of experience, I know the facts about this modality.

Hypnosis Facts

  • Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, like meditation, in which we help you connect with your subconscious mind.
  • Hypnosis is a natural experience that happens to most of us each day, when we become absorbed in something, like driving, day-dreaming, reading, rhythmic exercising or watching a favorite television program.
  • Think of the mind as two parts of a whole, like an iceberg. Twelve percent of the iceberg sits above the surface of the water. That twelve percent represents our conscious mind, where reasoning, logic, and decision-making abilities live. The other eighty-eight percent of the iceberg is hidden beneath the water. That entire eighty-eight percent is actually our subconscious mind, a place where all of our “knowns” live. Knowns are things we learn between birth and approximately 8-9 years-old. For example, we learn, sometimes the hard way, that if we touch fire, we get burned and experience pain. Another example might possibly be that each time you cleaned your room, one of your parents rewarded you with cookies and milk. Or perhaps they only noticed that one toy truck sitting beside your bureau that you forgot to put away and wound up with a slap across the shoulders or face, and all you heard was, “You can’t ever do anything right.”

Albeit negative, that too becomes a “known”, one we carry into adulthood and more than likely presents itself in ways or mannerisms we know don’t serve us well in relationships or at work, but as hard as we try, we simply can’t seem to change.

  • Between the conscious and sub conscious mind lies the critical mind, which acts like a barrier, protecting the ‘knowns’ we accumulated at an early age. Since the beginning of time, men and women have judged, perceived, and acted upon all that crossed their paths through the filter of those knowns. Because to all of us, knowns are familiar, be they good or bad, which to our minds means safety. According to the messages our conscious mind received from the subconscious, we feel confident regarding to move toward, to stay away from, or simply stand in place.
  • Hypnosis is about opening a small doorway in the critical mind, allowing you to bypass the conscious mind and access information in the subconscious. Once there, we help you uncover any limiting beliefs that were planted deep within you years earlier and are now keeping you from reaching your full potential, and turn them into positives.
  • You are fully aware of all your senses while under hypnosis.
  • You are in control at all times.
  • You only say or do in hypnosis what you would normally say or do in a conscious state.
  • In hypnosis, your subconscious mind is usually very willing to respond to questions and help you resolve habits and issues that no longer serve you.
  • The use of hypnosis gives you the opportunity to make changes that last, so that you might live a fuller, happier, more successful life.
  • Hypnosis does not involve mind control, magic, or unconsciousness.
  • You cannot be made to enter hypnosis against your will.


But Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Of course, I could sit here all day and tell you, “Certainly it works!” but you’d probably take my words with a grain of salt, if not ignore them completely. I know I would react that way. So instead of hearing it from me, let some of my clients tell you what they think….


“I just want to let you know that it’s now going on five years, and I am still alcohol-free, and have no desire to drink. I want to thank you so much for helping me overcome this problem.”


“I’ve had trouble with serious anxiety and depression most of my life. I made an appointment at Mind Path Therapies and almost cancelled it because of my skepticism about being able to go into a ‘trance’. A few days before my appointment, I was having a serious panic attack and was quite miserable. My husband called Deborah, explained the situation and, miracle of miracles, I was actually guided by Deborah’s calm manner and soothing voice for about 30 minutes right over the phone. The panic and anxiety left me. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing like that had ever happened to me so easily in over fifty years. I didn’t need to take a pill or some other mood-altering substance to be free of it.

I have had twelve sessions with Deborah since that time. Each and every one has given me tools and healthy techniques to develop new awakenings and perspectives toward my journey to wholeness. The process of hypnotism with Deborah stimulated my ability to re-program myself. I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have the confidence, joy and happiness I have today if I hadn’t gone to Mind Path Therapies. It truly has been a miracle in my life.”


“Every two months since my last visit with you, I visit the oncologist. And what does this cancer specialist say? ‘I wish I could pat my own back for the way I’m treating you. But with no chemotherapy and no radiation I can’t find anything wrong with you and can’t take any credit.’ The real question is: DOES HYPNOTHERAPY WORK? The answer is: ASK MY ONCOLOGIST!”


“Since the age of five, I have suffered with severe bouts of depression. I have relied on psychologists and psychiatrists for the past twenty years to help me, using a combination of therapy and antidepressant drugs. I was never able to break from my cycle of depression. I contacted Mind Path Therapies in desperation; I just wanted relief from the sadness and depression. Under hypnosis, I was able to free myself from reliving traumatic memories. I have not had a single bout of depression during the past year. Deborah’s work and caring are genuine; her manner professional. Hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective for me.”

Diverticular Disease

“After doctors had recommended complete removal of my colon due to diverticular disease, you worked with me on this through hypnosis. I have not been hospitalized in many years and am still in possession of my colon. Many, many thanks.”

Emotional Issues

“My life has taken such a wonderful turn since seeing you. Thank you for being the catalyst in helping me let go of the pain and disappointment of the past. My life is full of wonder and delight now. I delight in each new day and experience. Life is grand and I’m very happy and grateful for your part in all these changes.”


“All my life I have suffered with gastrointestinal problems. Not only did I have constant pain and discomfort, but five years ago my encopressis began. Involuntary bowel movements, both at home and out in public, caused me extreme humiliation and embarrassment. Not knowing when my body would ‘let go’ kept me stressed and tense. After many tests and biopsies, no one could figure out what was causing my problem.

I sought the help of Mind Path Therapies. After my first session, I was able to do what I never thought possible. With Deborah’s help, all of my symptoms disappeared. My life is now filled with joy and I have heart-felt gratitude for the work Deborah does.”


“I just wanted to let you know how much my life has changed since my hypnosis session with you! I was afraid of flying, courtroom testimony, and speaking to groups. Since my session with you I have accepted an invitation to speak at a local annual meeting, made an airline reservation and flew without my husband and without medication, testified in court, and instructed a class of 43 students. It is so freeing not to waste time and energy on fear and anxiety. Thank you so much for helping me change my life.”


“After more than a year of trying prescription drugs and naturopathic and homeopathic remedies which gave transient relief, I admitted to myself that I indeed had a serious problem. Sleepless nights became my norm. Deborah LeBlanc from Mind Path Therapies instructed me in self-hypnosis. This technique allowed me to free myself from my many months of sleepless nights. For me, as a skeptic, it was truly a miracle! I am now a disciple of this mode of therapy. I am extremely grateful for Deborah’s expertise and for showing me the way to find a cure for a disorder which interfered with my life for so very long.”


“I never thought I could really quit smoking. I had quit a dozen times and for up to two years, but always felt cheated because I couldn’t smoke like others. After two sessions with Ms. LeBlanc, I walked away without ever again having an urge to smoke. It is almost a year now and I feel far from being cheated, I feel free for the first time in 25 years!”


“After badly cutting my hand on a piece of metal, to the extent that the surgeon said he’d have to: ‘reattach nerves and sew up muscle and tissue,’ I was terrified of having the surgery. You helped me prepare for the surgery and recover from it quickly, comfortably and completely. I just returned from the 1-year follow-up with the doctor. He was pleased and amazed by the outcome. I have full mobility of my hand (including hyperextension) and even my light touch sensation is only minimally below the normal range. This, now 51-year-old man, is very grateful for your services and recommends you highly!”


“I am, correction—I was—a severe overeater.  My whole life I struggled with portion sizes (why eat one or two pieces of pizza when I can eat the whole pie?!).  Eating until it hurt was an everyday occurrence, and I was able to out-eat every boyfriend I ever had.

I decided it was time for a change and made an appointment with Mind Path Therapies.  When I first arrived, I was nervous and scared.  When I left, I felt like moonwalking right out the door.  As a result of my work with Deborah, I am the lightest I’ve been since 21 (ten years ago).  I eat pizza and Thai food and sandwiches—all the things I used to—but only in small amounts. And I don’t feel deprived or hungry. I keep a bag of snack food in the house and it lasts me two weeks, rather than one evening.

Seeing Deborah was easily the best thing I have ever done for myself.  If I have a single complaint, it would be that I only have one pair of jeans that still fit and even those now need a belt.  My wardrobe is severely handicapped at the moment…and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!”

What Other Issues Can Be Helped With Hypnotherapy?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me share a few of them with you…



Age Regression







Assist Healing

Attitude Adjustment

Bed Wetting



Career Success

Change Habits


Chronic Pain



Controlling Cramps



Death or Loss



Exam Anxiety


Fear of Animals

Fear of Death

Fear of Dentist

Fear of Doctor

Fear of Failure

Fear of Flying

Fear of Heights

Fear of Loss of Control

Fear of School

Fear of Success

Fear of Surgery

Fear of Water







Hair Twisting







Immune System


Improve Health

Improve Sales







Irrational thoughts Irritability


Lack of Ambition

Lack of Direction

Lack of Enthusiasm

Lack of Initiative

Lower Blood Pressure

Medication Side Effects





Nail Biting







Overly Critical

Pain Management

Panic Attacks


Past Life Regression


Performance Anxiety




Premature Ejaculation


Problem Solving


Public Speaking

Reach Goals






Resistance to Change









Self-Defeating Behaviors



Self-Forgiveness Self-Hypnosis



Sexual Problems


Skin Problems

Sleep Disorders


Social Phobia


Stage Fright


Study Habits



Substance Abuse


Surgical Recovery



Thumb Sucking





Weight Loss


Writers Block