Q. Can hypnotherapy be used to treat...






A: Yes.

“I’ve used hypnotherapy to treat more than 1,000 clients on health issues ranging from OCD behaviors and phobias to migraines and prolonged grief. And my success rate is 98 percent. Let's talk about how I can help you!”

Deborah LeBlanc

Deborah LeBlanc


Deborah LeBlanc

Deborah is an entrepreneur, a renowned motivational and transformational speaker, a best-selling author, a business strategist, a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified MER Practitioner, and a Therapeutic Imagery Master Practitioner. She has spent years studying human behavior and masters the techniques needed to change behaviors that no longer serve us.

With a broad range of experience and a passion to bring hope to a world swimming in a sea of hopelessness and confusion, Deborah's unique style touches and transforms individuals and corporations so they become capable of reaching heights they never thought possible.

“Deborah is wonderful. She was able to help me cope with anxieties that were causing me grief. She’s compassionate, professional, and kind.

She helped me a lot.”


The LeBlanc Advantage

  • Honest—no magic wand

  • Empathy—she's been there

  • Custom approach—every one is unique

  • Results-driven

  • Lasting results

  • Total commitment to your success

Work with Me from the Comfort of Your Home

Sessions via Zoom, scheduled at your convenience.

All work remains confidential.

“I came to the practice wanting to tackle my anxiety and binging disorder. The experience was phenomenal. Not only I felt a significant difference in my day to day life, I understood a bit better how hypnotherapy works. Deborah has this magnetic personality that makes you feel like you have known her all your life. I recommend her practice without reservations.”

Small Group Online Workshops

Groups are kept small (5 participants plus instructor per group.).

Sessions are weekly for six weeks, each session lasting two hours.

Depression Series

Generalized Anxiety Series

Prolonged Grief Series

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