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Deborah LeBlanc


Deborah LeBlanc

Deborah is an entrepreneur, a renowned motivational and transformational speaker, a best-selling author, a business strategist, a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified MER Practitioner, and a Therapeutic Imagery Master Practitioner. She has spent years studying human behavior and masters the techniques needed to change behaviors that no longer serve us.

With a broad range of experience and a passion to bring hope to a world swimming in a sea of hopelessness and confusion, Deborah's unique style touches and transforms individuals and corporations so they become capable of reaching heights they never thought possible.

Mind Path Therapies

For Individuals

Do you know what your goals are in life? If so, what's keeping you from achieving those goals? Bad habits you need to break? Procrastination? Maybe it's anxiety or depression, smoking or the need to lose weight. Then again, maybe it's something hiding deep inside of you that you didn't even know existed.

Using hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, MER and Imagery, Deborah can lead you out of the dark and into the light of victory by collapsing limiting beliefs. You'll know strength and power and develop an internal intuition that will guide you toward success in every endeavor. No longer will you feel stuck or broken. You'll experience an awakening and a sense of freedom that once lived only in your imagination.

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for businesses

Mind Path Therapies

For Businesses

Executive coaching that delivers better decisions, leadership and results.

Our initial goal is to identify your passion and values as the foundation of your business. For through those two elements, everything else flows

Through a specialized process, you and your employees will get an opportunity to dive deep into the core of emotional desires for success. It's a protocol you can hijack and use anywhere.

If you're looking for a profitable, explosive growth in revenue, and a company where everyone in your organization is focused on that goal, give us a call. We'll not only get your company to the playoffs, your entire team will be focused on one goal...winning the Superbowl!


Keynotes & Presentations

Deborah LeBlanc is an interactive motivational speaker, business strategy coach and best-selling author. She is passionate about helping people live more fulfilling lives through reducing stress, improving communication, and creating greater meaning and clearer focus. Deborah's expertise is derived from building and selling a multi-million-dollar business, implementing her certifications as a Master Hypnotherapist, a Master NLP Practitioner, a certified MER Practitioner, and a Master Therapeutic Imagery Practitioner.

Deborah will teach your team how to get comfortable with uncertainty and perform better under pressure. She will share strategies for self-awareness, resilience, perseverance, and strategies for success in any circumstance. Collaboration between team members will elevate. They will learn to avoid conflict, boost engagements, and enhance leadership. Deborah will share strategies for better communication in today's world of personality types, generational differences, communication medium and accessibility.

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