Testimonials Old

“I contacted MPT because I had anxiety no shrink seemed able to cure. Friends had told me about MPT so I figured I'd give them a try. Nothing else was working. I'm so glad I did! I was lucky enough to get my sessions booked with Deborah LeBlanc. All I can say is WOW! In only 3 sessions I felt like a new man. My only regret is that I didn't go to her when my friends talked about their great experiences with her years ago!”


“I started seeing Ms. LeBlanc for past trauma issues and depression a couple of months. The first session made a difference immediately. I'm continuing to see her for other problems I wanted to work on. She's way awesome!”

—Sandra M

“It was a great pleasure with you Deborah. The hypnotherapy sessions helped not only with the anxiety, through it i had a better understanding of life and healing processes due to my quest for healing. Thanks for your time, patience and resources.

Your service was that of a very high paying client. I'm grateful to you and your organization.”

—F.A., Nigeria

“I just want to let you know that it's now going on two years and I'm still alcohol-free, and have no desire to drink. I want to think you so much for helping me overcome this problem.”

—B.J., British Columbia

“Deborah has been amazing in helping me with a bunch of issues that I wanted to deal with through hypnotherapy. Not only is she really good in demystifying the process but bring a wealth of experience and other modalities to supplement my treatment. I totally recommend her treatments.”


“I have never met a more compassionate group of people. I contacted them for over the top stress issues and in just two sessions and 1 follow up I no longer have panic attacks and my stress level is down to 0. I only wish I had found them sooner!”


“I was so impressed with Deborah LeBlanc’s education and credentials. I have been hypnotized once before but it was not like the first time with Deborah. Deborah first screened me to determine the best wording and approach to use with me which had not been done previously. She was so open and approachable, I immediately felt at home sharing confidential information with her. I called her because I had changed anti anxiety prescriptions and I was not yet titrated up to a therapeutic amount and was having an anxiety “attack”. I could not eat or sleep well. I asked her for an appointment and I got it the next day. The first time was like a miracle it gave me relief for about 4 hours so I felt normal again. She sent me a recording to listen to when I felt the anxiety. It helped every time although not as long as the first one that she did. It is not a quick fix in that the more I meet with her and listen to the tapes that she sends me, the better I feel. She is professional and caring. I feel like she has been a lifesaver. I have been to several “counselors” in the past, i.e, a certified Masters of Social Work, two Jungian therapists, 12 step group therapy, a Psychiatrist. I look forward to our sessions and rely on the tapes that she provides after each session. I have kept every tape and use them as needed, at least twice a day. I have recommended her to my friends and family and will continue to do so. I could go on and on with the praise.”


“Working with MPT-Deborah has been life changing for me. I have been dealing with anxiety due to life changes, from losing loved ones to aging and feeling somewhat defeated by life. From the first day we started working together I have felt comfortable, heard and supported. She listens to you. She catches on little details that make the whole difference and then she builds on new bricks. I have gone to therapy before, never hypnotherapy, and normally I would attend 2 or 3 appointments because I would be able to deal with things "by myself" or I felt the issue was not there anymore. With Deborah, I keep booking my next appointment because I am enjoying the discovery, but above anything else: I'm enjoying the process of learning how to heal and feel calm. Thank you, thank you!”


“Deborah is wonderful. She was able to help me cope with anxieties that were causing me grief. She's compassionate, professional, and kind. She helped me a lot.”


“I had a wonderful experience working with Deborah LeBlanc, Mind Path Therapies; What a gem. She is professional, kind, and generous.

When I first met Deborah and told her of my background, grew up in a very abusive environment. Although I survived physically with minimal scars, emotionally, I had many open wounds and limiting thoughts that would affect my ability to fulfill my dreams and goals. Deborah presented a 6-step program and guaranteed that after finishing this program, the fears and limiting thoughts would no longer possess me, and I will soar in life.

I can say after just finishing the program, I am soaring. I am free of those invisible shackles and ready to manifest my destiny. Deborah, you are amazing, and thank you for providing a safe environment that generated an uplifting connection so I can take this compelling journey. Gracias.”


“Excellent services. LeBlanc was hands on and very patient.”

—Eric, EdD

“I came to the practice wanting to tackle my anxiety and binging disorder. The experience was phenomenal. Not only I felt a significant difference in my day to day life, I understood a bit better how hypnotherapy works. I got explanations and we worked towards an achievable goal. I might need to go back once in a while for a little tune up as my issues are complex, I can say I haven't binged in a long time. For those with compulsive behaviors, they will understand how much a big deal that is. This is a tool, not a magic solution, to support you towards your goal. Deborah has this magnetic personality that makes you feel like you have known her all your life. I recommend her practice without reservations and I will be coming back myself.


“I was fortunate to have found Mind Path Therapies. Finding a company that not only excels at what they do but exceeds every expectation I may have had is a rare find. I'm thrilled to highly recommend MPT to anyone wanting to stop smoking, suffers with anxiety and depression and wants to lose weight!! My entire family sees them regularly and we've experienced phenomenal results! I give MPT a 12 star rating!

—R.P. Hanf